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Babies & Bots 1:4

Hi :D
~Welcome Back~

The DeMingo household is growing. 
Birdie is my Bad Apple this generation, Orick is the next child, Emma is pregnant with their 3rd and last of the required pregnancies. 
So far they have opened Club Boolprop and they're slowly earning the robotics badge. :)

Emma playing with Birdie. :D

Orick just grew up and the first thing he needs to learn is how to use the potty. 

Birdie gets her a bath. XD

Now she's all clean for her birthday! 

"I'm Awesome!"
I think she's energetic. 

Lol~ Yes, Cake is delicious enough to make anyone want to learn cuisine as a hobby. XD

Orick asked Birdie to play with him. 
She chooses to tell him about rats. He's not afraid, I think he likes them now, too. 

Ah, yes. Uncontrollable Sims love to sleep in the best beds. 

Phil was on toddler duty. 

Woot! He discovered a star. 
It's a bright star, too.  O.O

Oh... really? *grins hugely*  ;)

Phil's abduction woke everyone.  
I wonder how long until she remembers to eat it.

Ahaha- Birdie discovered a Star, too. 
"I don't see daddy."
Poor thing, she doesn't even want to use the stool to stand on.

Welcome home, Phil.

Meh... nothing much happened. I filled out a survey full of random questions.
Sure you did. *nudge nudge, wink wink*
We'll act like there were no baby chimes! 
Nice to know the mod for Sims watching TVs at an angle works.

"Are you okay, Phil?"
"Just a touch of a stomach bug."
Ahahaaa! I always giggle when the guys get alien babies. XD

"Ahaag- school was hard. I'm so tired."
Because you didn't sleep last night.
Phil, you should be working on your Robotics badge.
"I don't feel like it."

 At least I can buy a new fridge to fill it up. XD
Good planning on my part. 

I love the radio with Bad Apples. 
Time to wake up and meet the Head Master.

"This house is great!"
Yeah.. sure it is. 

"Okay, mom."
Emma asked Birdie if she wanted to learn how to do homework.

"We have an opening in our Special programs. Birdie will be in the best of hands at our school."
She does need more fun at school. 

After homework it's time for some fun- Red Hands. lol

Freakin' Awesome- Phil finally earned the Gold Robotics badge.
Time to make a Servo. 

Baby #3 is coming. XD

But here I just noticed mom and daughter look to be wearing similar dresses.  XD

Aw- Little Orly is born. 
She's a girl and has yellow hair. 
I didn't notice this at the time. XD

How disgusting! O.o
Emma is a slob, Birdie is a slob... it's so hard to keep up. 
Oh, and the toilet is clogged and can't be fixed until after 12pm. :(

Oh, yeah- Thank you. 

Time to fix and repair! 
Maybe you can clean, too?

Birthday time for Orick. :D
"Mmm, cake."
She's staring at it so hard.

Lol~ Maybe she was getting queasy from the smell of cake. 
Her mom was outside spinning her around for a long time.

"This hat is itchy." 

Phil is showing!

"Why does she keep taking my bed?"
I don't know. 

Poor Orick has to sleep in the seashell bed. 

"Did you eat my nose?"

Baby bump #2
I guess this outfit doesn't have the right morph for it. 

"Dad, dad! I got an A+"

"Woot! Way to go with your A+."
"Dad, that was ages ago."

Birdie is finally eating that muffin. 

You're walking all waddly like.
"I am not."

"Hm... music smells good."
Ah... yeah, okay.  >.<

"We do have a school rat in our lab classes, yes."
"Cool. I like rats."
"I do, too."

Orick is in Private school, too. 

Good job, Phil! 
I don't know how you did it when you went to work in your bathroom... I'd be worried about you.

"I'm a showman- I made it look good."

Phil was hurrying to watch his daughter grow up.

Orly (yes, really) is a toddler. :D

"Dad's got the good bottle for you, sweetheart."
I love to give the kids the magic milk. :D

"Stomach craps... bad tummy cramps."
Sure... breath slowly. O.o

Oops! Now I see why Orly had red hair. I forgot to change the baby hair.....

Loading screen after changing the baby hair!

Here she is, Phil's little Alien baby. 
I named her Linga because I didn't have to follow the naming scheme for extra children. 

"Daddy a teddy bear."
She learned to talk fast. 

I wish you're stop getting these!
She was ready for a promotion, too. :(

Someone had a good day. :D

Potty training face. Lol

It's nice to get them all together for some conversation. 

Alien baby spam! 

"I want the race car bed."
He beat you to it. XD

Woot! I haven't had a Servo in so long. :D
Kinda excited about it. 

Meet Servester the Servo. 
He's now a Family Servo and he'll be helping around the house. :D

Welcome to the family, Servester!

Yes, he got a job. I'm going to be trying to earn all the career rewards. It might be his LTW, I don't remember.

Servester is just working away. 

Oh, no... not drinks for breakfast. O.o

I'm loving him right now. 

"I want a Servo of my own, Daddy."
"One is enough right now. Maybe someday you can make your own."

"Come on, Servester, smustle with me!"

He just takes over: I don't know when babies are hungry but Servester does. 

I decided to activate all their bots. :D

Clean bot- Activated!

I guess Phil is working- Emma takes little Linga to the cake.


Welcome to Toddlerhood, Linga. :D

Noo! Don't eat the babies. XD

I love huggles. :D

Clean bot... clean! 
This is nice with all the slobs around here. 

Phil bought a lot for their Robotics Shop. 

Once it was set up he invited Emma and Servester over.
They can help out and Emma can work on her badge.
(Plus they don't have to hire anyone to baby sit which would be against the rules)

Emma takes the time to teach Servester how to pound his chest. 

The Work room so the customers can see how the bots are made.

They'll hire a cashier once the business gets a little higher. 
They mostly have toys with the two newbies not having a badge.

I don't remember her name but she's their Cashier now. :)
That was fast. XD

I think they got a Good Review! 

You two are so slow- Work faster! Get those badges. XD

Phil ends up having to fix most of the toys they make. XD

"Haha- you can't use hard sell on me."
"So I see."
Lol~ Love Sandy. ^^

 With Phil having opened Club Boolprop, he already had a silver badge is sales. It didn't take him long to earn the Gold.
  "See all the wonderful things it can do for you? Never clean again! You know you want this bot!"
"I do. I really, really want the bot."-Marisa

 "Sqeee! I want it, I want it at any cost."

He only did this for the expensive sales. The toys are cheap, the bots are expensive.
There are no Servos for sale yet. 

Yes, that will be a problem, Servester was activated by Phil. He'll be attracted to Emma, too. 
"No, Servester. Bad Robot."

*Sigh* Phil! Come fix this.

Eeheheee! The clean bot is running amok. XD

"Stupid, stupid controller."
They can't fix the bot yet but they can turn it off. :)

They can't fix the toilet or the tub yet, either. 
These Sims, they make me miss my neat ISBI family~ and that is plum crazy.  XD

Toddler spam! 
They haven't been shown enough. 

"You're gross!"
Pa-leeze. You're both slobs.

Birdie grows up in two days! 
A bad apple teen... I hope she does well.

Woot! Birdie finally got Servester to Smustle with her. XD

"Yooohooo~ I need a shower now."
You know where it is. 

 Phil went and shared his Tinkering knowledge with Emma.

 I wonder if it makes her earn the badge faster or build the bot faster? 
That would come in handy. 

And I'll end with Servester earning his bronze badge while desperately trying to save the dying plants. 

I'm really enjoying the Bots right now. Hopefully a burglar will show up so the Sentry bot can do its job. Pay back! 

                           Base Game
                          - Alien through a legit abduction. (3 Points) 
                          - gnome to guard your flamingos & always fetching it back. X So far we lost 2 D:
                          Open for Business
                          -Every heir and spouse- gold talent badge in Robotics. (Phil _ )
                          -For creating a servo. (3 Points)

                           Bon Voyage
                          None yet...
                           BoolProp Naming Scheme (10 Points)

                          One Bad Apple (10 Points)
                          Generation 1- Birdie

Thanks for Reading and Happy Simming! <3
*If you want to have a Simself added to my neighborhood, just ask. I'd love it, too. =D
Chapter 1:4 - Slow Growin'

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