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Bring on Gen 1- 1:3

Hi :D

I left off with a happy family just starting on their path to utter bliss. Or something like that....

Phil DeMingo had to leave Pinecone Valley to find a wife. He met Emmy on his vacation in Three Lakes ... It was a whirlwind romance and now they're both part of my OWBC.
Rules here

"How's this, Em? Who's stronger now?"
"You know I am, Phil."

Emmy is a Knowledge Sim who dreams of Madness- or being a Mad Scientist. She's a complete slob but very nice.

Emmy walks to work because she's got her first baby bump. =D
She'll have to go through 3 pregnancies for the OWBC. 

Phil has to go to work, too. He's on his way to the top of the Entertainment Career to fulfill his LTW.

The game loves to toss Chance Cards at me. Luckily it was only money she lost. :)

Yay! Emmy earned a promotion. They really need the money.

2nd Bump! 
Oh, man- I forgot to paint the bathroom. 

One of my Challenges is for them (every husband/wife) to earn the Gold Robotics badge and to make a Servo. He's got a bronze badge right now.

I can't fix things until noon each day. So, this will drip until then. XD

Pregnancy isn't bad for Emmy, she just really wants to skill. A boost from the Energizer gets her back to the books.

Ta-da! He's getting there. 
"Soon a servo to make a Servo Army- Mawhwhaaahah."

*Shouldn't that be Emmy making the evil laugh? O.O

This is their house. Too big, too soon... and no money. It's one of my weaknesses, making huge houses. XD

Oh, Crap!

Of course he ran out there to scream for his precious flamingo.

"FIRE! Someone save my Flamingo! ...Anyone...Pleeeease?!"

The lightning was impressive! I had paused to make them a rug... and look at that lightning- He needs to come in right now. O.O

The Heck?... Too many CC but sure, she'd wear a costume. 

Phil had to fix it right after making it. 

Baby time! 

Phil got stuck gardening and didn't make it to her in time. :(

They decorated and added furniture for the nursery. 

Her name is Birdie... and she'll be the first Bad Apple. 

~I can't click on her to see her wants & needs nor give her commands. I can have another Sim get her to do things.~

"Should we have another child so soon?"
"I think we should at least Try for another."

Woohoo! Another baby is on the way.
Pregnancy #2 of the required 3. 

Phil needs more body points for a promotion. 

Birdie took a nap. 
Isn't she adorable in there... being all quiet and sweet?

Freaking crap! What's up with you?

Husband and wife cooking and cleaning together. XD

Well, dang it, Em. You shouldn't mind at all. =/

They had visitors. It's nice for newly weds and new parents to have adult conversations. 
"How's my spaghetti, Emmy bear?"
Maybe not these two, though

Baby bump #1. :)

How's about not so many bills there, huh? 

*You're so lucky she's a good baby.

"Mommy's here, Birdie."

"Look at that Star... it's so perfect."

Yeppers~ Mother Nature is a site to behold. O.O

There wasn't time to get her needs back up... I sent Emmy to get a better shock of electricity. 

The soot didn't want to leave her face.

"Daddy's home to help mommy with our little sweetheart."

Aw... it's a nice custom painting that I will soon miss-click and make him get rid of it. I'm so good. XD
They need a picture of all the Sims of the Family. 

Birthday Time!
Birdie DeMingo. :)

"This is the good stuff, honey."
That's why it's glowing. O.O

"Walk to daddy... come on Birdie. You can walk."
I think she looks a lot like Phil. :D

She's being a good bad apple.

Poor Phil is having a hard time with her.

"Just sit, Birdie... it's a potty chair."


I guess I missed the moment. Time for a bath. 

Birdie didn't want anything but mommy. :(

Mommy woke up but because of the New Baby!

"I'll be right out here, Em!"

Aww- a little boy. I named him something with an O... I need to keep better notes (which is none at all right now XD ).

Lol~ Emmy, you bounced him too much. XD

"He's perfect, Em."
"You're a little late, Phil."
"I was with Birdie, trying to get her to bed."
"What a cute baby."- strange Sim who walks in.

Hi, Birdie.
"Hee heheee ahaha!"

I bought you a toy. It's a fun toy... want to go play?

"Hahaha eeeheheheee."
Sigh, I guess not. At least she's happy.

O- (insert name here) is a complete slob like his mom. I see and hear the flies swarming around his dirty nappy. O.o

"I was thinking I'd like a new dress. Do you think we can afford it?"
"I think you deserve everything you want."

"Mommy... Daddy?"

Yay- pregnancy #3 :)

There's Birdie's new toy. O (insert name) doesn't have his own crib yet. They'll get one soon. :)

She sure is concentrating. I hope she's serious... 

Lol! Switching out the babies. :)

See all the flies! O.O

Family fun time. :)

I decided it was time to open the Business. I don't have any other Simselfs yet but I hope to get some volunteers soon. :D
Club Boolprop- so far.

Yes, it needs to be pink. XD

I thought it would be a great time for Phil to earn his robotics badge
He does get to Silver.

I saw her there and thought it would be great to have an Evil Witch grave on the lot. ^^
But she survived and left.

He's making a collection of all the robots in all the colors. He's just not that good at them yet.

He did meet a Vampire. 
"I'm not a Real Vampire. I only like dressing as one."
Yeah, sure. That's to hide your true nature. 

There it is, Club Boolprop all painted outside. It's still empty but it's at level 5.
I'm going to have him build the robotic store next door but on the same lot... I hope that's okay with the rules. Maybe I should check. 

"Daddy, what dat?
Aw, poor Orick (I opened the game to find out his name) XD

She's making me so sad...but poor Birdie looks so sad when left on her own. :(

Birdie got to the rotten bottle before I could get mom to stop her.  I guess she was hungry. :(

It's time for Phil to see an Alien... he's a family Sim but now he can search for Aliens.
*fingers crossed for you, Phil*

I had to divide the room so they don't keep waking each other up. 

Just a cute picture. Phil has his work clothes on which are much nicer than his regular clothes. I should see if those are in his dresser.

Happy Birthday O...uh... Orick!

He got his dads hair color and the rest is his mom. 
Yay for variety. XD

"I no like him." Birdie walked away.

"Me, Daddy. Me...."

"You know Daddy loves you so much, Birdie."

She only looks happy when her parents are holding her. :)

That's it for this rotation. A new business, some money finally, two babies and another on the way. 
Note to self- get a notebook for my game and use it. XD

Thanks for reading. Happy Simming <3

Next Chapter coming soon

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