Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Phil DeMingo

Hi =D

Phil DeMingo... He's my random Sim for the Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge (OWBC Rules). 

As you probably know, Phil lives in Pinecone Valley.
The Bonus rules I'm following are:
  1. Base Game- A legit abduction/1 gen. no promotions/try to keep a Gnome
  2. Open for Business- Gold Talent badge/Founder starts business/Create a Servo
  3. Bon Voyage- Family Vacation each generation/1 earns all Vaca mementos/Obtain Bigfoot
I'll be trying for many of the Mini Challenges and Super Mini Challenges... =D

 I took the first weird Sim and edited him a little and kept his Zodiac. I think he's adorable. XD
"Yeah I am!"

 I built him a little starter house.

 They all seem to look the same in this neighborhood. XD

 Phil rolled a Family Sim and he wants to be in the Entertainment Industry. (I have the LTW variety mod) :)

 "His nose reminds be of a Peanut... I'll name him Goober!"
Sounds like an excellent name.

Phil kicked Goober and then dug up a rock. 
"Cool rock. I'll name it Skippy."
You don't have to name everything.

"Oh, crap- I broke a water line!"
Pffft- fill it in and dig a new hole. 

 Yep- he did find a map. Which means he should go to Twikkii Island to find a wife (my own rules for this) but since my last one was from Twikkii Island, he's going to keep digging. 

 But not right now, now he needs a job. Those trips are expensive.
The free computer comes in handy.

 The Welcome wagon arrives and his neighbor, Sunny Dumbacle, is part of them. 

 They all get along. How nice is that? XD
I use the Social greet with the Social Sims hoping for a quick promotion. It feels kinda cheaty but I'll take it. XD

 Oh, Crap- Phil! Hurry up and talk to Sunny. She's got an evil glint in her eye. O.o
 (He's got his 3 flamingos and their Gnome guard)

 "So, Sunny. What are you up too over here?"

 "Oh, Phil. I'm admiring your adorable Gnome by trying to pick it up. There is no reason to talk about police." -Sunny
"I didn't say anything about Police." -Phil
"Thank you, Phil. You are such a gentlemen."

EEk! Phil, go talk to that guy... he's doing the Gnome creep!

"I'll be right back and we'll chat about pollution or something." 

 Phil's off to work.

 Yay! Picked the right one. Make a joke about the corn. XD

"Hm hm... hm hm... hhmmmm hmmm."
Sunny called. She likes to talk on the phone - a lot. XD

Phil eats a good breakfast to get his energy up for digging... 
and work/study stuff, too. 

 Phil just has to make friends, look what happens.  

"What? Did I hear someone yell Nooo?"

 He didn't care and Phil wasn't fast enough to call him over. :(

"Jason, have you seen my gnome? He seems to be missing."
"Gnome? I have no idea about a gnome."

"Alright then. I'll fix us up a little something, I'm starving."

 I am so disappointed in you Phil. You didn't go get Goober back.
I guess he's too nice to care but dang it, I care. I want that gnome back.
Lost on the first day? I'm such a failure now. D:

 Dig, dig, dig!.... :)

 *Kim watches* 
How cute. Too bad I can't handle a pet in this house.

*Heeeeelp* - flamingo
 .... Stay Calm- Everything is okay....
Goober isn't here to protect them. 

 How's dinner?
"Hmm, s'okay."
I'm so glad he was inside cooking while the flamingo burned.

"Hi, Sunny. I'm on my way to work but I'm sure you'll call me later."

Sunny walks home... She lives right there, too - how cute. XD
 More digging... He did get another map. I forgot the picture. =]

 Please, please, Pleeese go get Goober back. 
I'll let you have the wife you want- except for Sunny. C:

*Sigh* Goober is gone. Phil doesn't feel the need to go get him.
"He's just a yard gnome."
JUST? Grrrr... :(

 "Hey, Sunny. I'll call you back. I want to call a new person I met."
Sunny, you got to let him go. XD

I've decided to use another Gnome- I'll recolor him soon.
I hope if he's stolen someone else will go get him and come back with both of the gnomes. 
It Could happen. XD

Abby stopped by. She's my Legacy founder. 
"Do you like Comfort Soup?"
"Yeah!" -Abby

"So, Abby. What do you think about me going to Three Lakes? I don't have too much money but I can stay cheap." 

 "I think it's a great idea. You can get back in time for my wedding."
"YOU've found a husband?" - Phil
"Yep and you can meet new people at Three Lakes. Maybe even a special someone."

"I was going to wait for Summer but you've convinced me. I'll book a flight for Monday."
"Wonderful. Don't forget to buy me a souvenir." 

 "Here ya go. Don't worry about tipping, I added it to your bill." 
"What? No wonder it's so expensive." - Phil

Still no treasure but he's got about 4k. 
Go study Phil. You'll be going on your trip tomorrow...

"Crap! I hope no one sees this. I think it's illegal to dig without calling first." 

Rotation 1 - Week 1 done for the OWBC. Hopefully he'll find a Sim to marry and maybe buy some souvenirs for his friends. 

Thanks for Reading! <3


  1. Phil is so cute! I think it's his mustache. He reminds me of a Civil War-era guy. Poor Goober. I have had kids and grandkids go and get the gnome decades later, so he might make an appearance!

    I loved your Twikii island spouse, Dan(??) I sure hope he finds someone worthy in Three Lakes.

  2. Great start. I wonder why he did haul tail off to get Goober back?