Saturday, December 20, 2014

Slow Growing 1:5

Welcome back to the DeMingo House! :D 

Four children and a Servo~ Life is full in the home.

The lot has a weird white patch in the ground. I can't seem to make it go away. :(

Okay... Why Servester?
He has nearly full cooking skills and he makes instant meals? :)

He does clean and that's nice. 

Woot~ Phil received a skill point. 

"Mom, Mom! I got an A+ on my report card."

It was time for Orly to grow up.
"Are these all ours?" -Phil
"No, hon. Don't worry." -Emmy

Well that wasn't worth it.  Just interrupt the party for nothing.

They don't have much money so Orly got Birdie's hand-me-down dress. XD

Birdie got her mother to read to her.
Birdie is my Bad Apple this generation. :)

"I want my own room. A room just for boys."
I wish we could, Orick.

Another Servo.
I need a Servo army! Mwahahaha XD

It's my favorite family right now. Crowded but fun. 

The Cleanbot will clean up the water and anything on the floor.

And it'll also make a mess when it breaks. XD
Emmy couldn't turn it off but Servester could.

Birdie is growing up! 

Oh, that's not too bad. I like it. :D

Birdie is a knowledge Sim who likes Sims who don't have jobs. XD
It shouldn't be too hard for her. 

She grew up in good shape.

It was time for Linga to Toddlerfy. 
"Daddy bow out candle?"

Aw... Her hair was too plain so Lingo had a makeover. Now she's even cuter. :D

"Why do I want to do a Chest Pound greet?"
"Come on, help your dad make it the Next Big Thing."

Awesome~ She's going to bed. XD

The Cleanbot was fixed so I tested it after dinner.  It cleaned the plates right up. XD

Oh, crap! Servester hit water and the water hit him. He's in a bad way... O.O

I shut him down thought to let let someone else take care of the water but he was in the way.

Energizer to the rescue! I wasn't sure how it worked for them but it does. XD

Oops- Demoted for wearing a costume. XD

"It's okay... It's okay."
Keep saying it. 

He now has some more time to help Birdie. 

Orly earned an A+ which distracted Phil from training Birdie. 
Birdie's happy though. I knew she'd want a skill point, was just hoping it was any skill. :)

"Uhm... Are you the parent or the new Student?"
Headmaster Time!

Servester is cooking Turkey for the Headmaster but Orly is already in the Private School. No meal required. :D

Orick and Orly are besties. 
At least someone is eating some turkey. :D

Oh, shoot! 
I should have checked. O.O

She lost a skill point and didn't make it to bed. Those caps can be dangerous. O.O

They had turkey... you missed dinner. 
Birdie rather stuff her face.

She's neat- I can tell that.

Birdie joined her mom in bed while her dad works on a new picture; Servester has joined the family since the last picture.

"Come and Get It!"

Who got it?

Servester got the lamp- I don't know why.

They have a Sentry bot. 
I will forget to turn it on and then forget to turn it off. Mostly it'll be off. 

Servester has earned his gold badge. I don't know if it matters but he's now a bot maker. 

Party Time!

Orick is going to be a teen~ Woot!

A Pleasure Sim who likes hard working Sims who wear cute undies but no perfume. XD

But Orick isn't the only Sim having a birthday.

Phil is having a birthday, too.

"I got shorts- I love it!"
Yes, it fits you, kind of. XD

Everyone had a good time and in no time, the party was over.

Back to helping Birdie earn skills...

And cleaning up the mess from broken items. 

Servester, did you make a Servo?

Oops... Sorry, Servester. You'll get the two logic points back. O.O

LTW reached? I don't remember but someone earned some big aspiration points. :D

"Hi, we're home."
Aren't they cute? XD

Birdie got Orly to play.

Orick is lookin' good. XD

My Pleasure Sim wanted a date... the Gypsy gave him one.

It ain't going to happen though. Ruby Dumbacle isn't available for use as date fodder. XD

Just enjoying a Summer day working on his car. 

Woot- Birdie earned her own skill point.
"I don't want a skill point though." -Orick
You have to earn some anyway.

Summer fishing in their PJs XD

"Gold isn't so great. I like Platinum." 

"Hope you don't mind bugs, I put them in the grilled cheese."

I let you do what you want and this is all you could think of? Sad, Emmy...

Servester has hit his LTW- it was quick because he had so many skills.

I still hope a burglar shows up while it's on. XD

The Army is Growing! Mwahahaha. ;)

Emmy has earned her Gold badge. 
This generation is covered for the OFB Bonus.

"Congrats on having 3 BFFs."
"How did you know?"
"You wrote on your Simbook page."


"Hey. You grew up, too."

Two of Oricks friends... At least he finds one hot. :)

They have a nice date in his front yard.

They're crushing. Awww :D

Birdie, stop stuffing your face... I put some food out for you.

"Oh, cool. Cheese and fruit."

Orly's birthday!

"I don't know... I think I need something better."

Orly is a Popularity Sim. 

"Happy Birthday, sis."
"Thanks, Birdie."

I remembered Birdie had earned a creativity point so I figure Servester could help her earn another. Maybe a boost, too.

He got distracted to clean so Birdie took a nap... until Orly wanted to workout. 

It was time for another Servo!

Her name is Servina (iirc) and she's a Knowledge Sim. :D
She'll like Servester, too. 

She wants a job so she gets one...
*I just remembered, Phil will have to paint another family portrait. XD

The two Servos get to know each other. I think they're asking which factory they were made in... or something about pollution. XD

Next chapter all the kids will be Teens and maybe a vacation or two. 

Thanks for Reading and Happy Simming! <3

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  1. Servo Army! How fun! Mine tend to run amok mostly...or play in sprinklers like morons.

    It seems that Birdie is doing pretty good at least! All the kids look great!