Saturday, October 11, 2014

Phil Trippin'


You're back! So glad you could make it. Are you comfy? Do you need a drink?
Wonderful, because- Phil DeMingo is going on Vacation~ and/or wife hunting, hopefully both.  XD

Rotation 2 (week 2) in Pinecone Valley....

Neighborhood view

Phil DeMingo... my OWBC Sim. He found one map but it was to Twikkii Island. I didn't want to start there like the last OWBC. This map is to 3 Lakes. 

He's going to be camping. He hasn't dug up a 5k treasure nor does he have a sugar mama to give him expensive gifts. 

Off he goes. Looking happy and oh, so hopeful of a wonderful trip.

"Ah ah ah aha!"
This is a prime example of the beauties of 3 Lakes. 
Maybe she's the future baby mama for Phil.

"Welcome to our neck of tha woods. We got fishin' and ax tossin' and log rollin'. What would you be intrested in?

"This town is beautiful and the ladies around here are so cute."
"Sugar, you got no idea how much I love hearin' that."

"Ah ah ah aha! That'd be our way of greetin' around here."
"How... unique."
"Your darn tootin' it is."

"Now, fishin' in these parts is about stamina and persistence." 

Phil drifted away from the fishing once he saw the hot tub. 

This strange tourist stayed behind the bushes and watched them. 

"Hi. I don't have your local greeting down yet. I hope you don't mind us shaking hands."
"I don't min a'tall."

"You all look like you're having fun. I'm just gonna wander on and look for more tourists."
Phil was hungry or he would have chatter her up longer.

Crud- she was just doing the slap dance and left before Phil could make it over.

Ha! As long as it was queued up, Phil walked over and did the dance. Memento! :D

"Yeah... right there. Ahhhh."
He learned the local massage.

"Hm... Hi?"
"Got to go. I'm off the clock. Maybe I'll run into you tomorrow."
"Did she just loose her accent?"
I think she did... It must be just for work hours. XD

He needs an album for a memento, I believe.


"I have to do that?"
"Ah ah ah aha!"
"Yeppers. You got to earn a memento."

"You wouldn't do that to a lady, now would you?"
"Are you a lady?"
"Well, dang man. I can't be right now, I'm on the clock."
"Then prepare for the water balloon."

"Aahahaa~You got guts to be doin' that to me." 

"I have to say how attractive I find you."
"That's the best you got? Come at me with a hot one, tourist."
"Okay, let's go on a date and I might."
"You're on."

*Should I eat a salad and let him think I care about my weight?*
*I wonder if she's a Vegan and me ordering meat will offend her?*
"Pick anything you want"

"What's the most romantic meal on the menu? I want to get this beautiful Sim to kiss me on our first date."
"I don't think we serve anything like that."
"You're too funny, Phil... eh, I mean- Yer a hoot, Tourist."

"I don't think you have an accent, Emmy."
"I do too. We all got one when we're workin'."
"Are you still on the clock?"
"Well now... I can't be tellin' you that, tourist."

"I had a wonderful time. Thanks for going out with me."
"You're one Awesome Sim, Phil. You make sure to call me again, ya hear?"

He needs to get a bulls eye for a memento. 

It might take a while. XD

"I want room service, a fluffy pillow, a nice bed."
I want more mementos. XD

"She's okay."
"We talk nicer to our women folk around here."
He can't help it, he's from out of town. 

If you dig up a treasure you can have a real hotel room with room service.

"Ahhhhhhhhh! There really is a Bigfoot."

"Ah ah ah aha!"
He's got such a fear of meeting Bigfoot- I think his meter went green. XD

Phil hasn't forgotten his promise to buy his friends a souvenir.

"I can't sleep in that tent with these good clothes."

"Hey, mister. You're messing up the campgrounds."
"I'll be done in a minute."

See what happens? I cancel his trip and poof! he digs up a treasure.
1 more memento XD

"Hot dang. I got a business."
No, you can not start talking like that.
"I miss her."

She traveled all this way to give him a date present~ Sweet. 

You really should clean it After you unclog it. O.o

Okay... this one will lead to the original. I just know it. 

Phil was out to earn a little more money for his business when my Apocalypse founder walked in... they were chatting and in walked on of my favorite Downtownies. Her, with the hat. :D
I thought... Phil, you need to get Max to chat her up.

"You smell funny. Is that cologne or is that you?"
It wasn't a good thing to do.

"You're not a nice Sim, are you."
"I am too. You just smell funny."
I don't think they got along well at all. Hmm.. but isn't he cute? XD

PHIL~ Your new friend is stealing our Gnome. SAVE him!

"I'm a little busy mixing up some comfort soup."

"I don't think I have the knack for this."
You will, you will.

Later that night... 
"Lovely, just lovely. No alarm at this house either. I love this new town."
Oh, Shut up! :(

"I hear a strange woman in my house."
"Strange as in weird or strange as in you don't know her?"
"She's a burglar!"

I just built a shed for that and you steal it? Gawh :(

Yay~ He didn't just run past her. Beat her... win. O.O
-He did. I'm so proud of him.

Yes! Phil got a bulls eye. I don't care if it wasn't on Vacation.

I believe that's all of 3 Lake's Mementos.

"I'm so happy you could visit." -Phil
"Me too. I want to know if you're as much fun at home."

First make-out. 
They're on a date. Phil took his only day off for her visit.

Okay. I cut it short. They had a dream date and she left.
She brought him this though. :D

Which was used to replace the stolen station.

Ahahaha! I love it. Nice outfit.
"Mm gfhemf."
I can't hear you through the face shield. 

Phil invited her back. They're relationship was a lot better now.
He fell in love first. Not that I keep track... but I do. XD

"To gorgeous women with fake accents."
"To tourists with nice mustaches."

"No way, really?"

"Is this why you invited me this time?"


"I will, you adorable Sim."
"I love you, Emmy."

"Come here, fiancé."
"Plant one on me."

"Em... now that we're engaged, will you move in with me?"
"You sure do move fast, don't you?"
"Uh, yeah. I've got more..."

"The wedding party is on!"

"White? Does he really think I should wear white?"
All females should wear white- if they want.

"I do look good in this. Okay- I'll wear it."

Oops- Sunny didn't get her outfit changed after her wedding. I normally don't forget. XD
"This is so improper. How could I have forgotten." -Sunny

Food, music, sunshine... it's a beautiful day for a white wedding. XD

"She smells so good." -Max
Lol- poor Sunny. XD

"For my wife. I give my heart, my life, my future."
"Oh, Phil. I didn't have time to plan anything. I love you and will be the best wife I can."

Look at me, taking a picture of taking pictures- Skills. XD

"Slice that cake. Hmm hmm."

Lol~ She shoved it way down his throat. O.O

"My mustache! Is it still there or did I eat that too?"
I can still see it.

He's laughing now but there was fear in that mustache. 

There's my Simself sitting with the other ladies. Eating cake... hmmm. :)

"They don't have to know we're drinking the best stuff."
Champagne was brought out.

"Where did they go? I want to toast them." - Abby
"You know your drinks are spilling?" -Simself
"I don't care. No one is drinking them." -Bartender

The happy couple ran off for a few moments alone.

There was only a few seconds left before the party was over. No harm done, right?
Right. XD

I don't remember Emmy's aspiration or her LTW; I'll have to take notes next time.
"I'm tired of this... let's go out."
"I've got a better idea."
"You and your ideas, Phil."

Okay so I didn't hear a chime because my speakers were turned down. I'm sorry she's having a miserable time...

Dang it. I got another Tour question wrong. They're in bad shape.
Off to bed.

"What are you two looking at?"

"Send up some food. Lots of food and don't knock when you bring it in."

"Here's your food." -whispers staff

"This is sooo good."
It takes some time but they get back to normal.

"I don't care."

"It tastes bad."
It's fine... eat it all and then lick the plates clean.

Phil learned the fire dance while she ate and ate... 

and licked the plates clean. XD
"I am so hungry."

"Do you think there are any ghosts around here?"

I realized if they stayed longer the bill would be sent home with them. This family doesn't have money coming out their ears like the rest.

How's this? Home sweet home, right?
"Shut up."

Phil needs to open his Robot business but his badge earning is going so slow.

I thought you'd have a fishing or gardening badge, some type of badge but nada- nil.

They're sleeping peacefully. Phil has a wife, a child on the way, and he's working on his LTW, plus the family Business- things are going well so far.

I'll end it here. Peacefulness.. :)

Thanks for Reading! Happy Simming. <3

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  1. Congrats on the new wife, Phil and incoming baby! She is so pretty.

    You're pictures are really pretty too.

    1. Hi, Jenn :)
      You're so sweet- thanks! XD